Q. Why do I need a toastmaster?

A. You don’t. However, on the day the obvious visual impact of his appearance in full traditional regalia, complete with red tailcoat and white gloves and his friendly calming manner, immediately puts you and your guests at ease. Your guests, venue staff and other agents have a reassuring point of reference.  Having a toastmaster sends a clear message that you have taken your event and your guests comfort seriously, by appointing a professional. Announcements and introductions are made in the appropriate style; formally or informally, as the occasion requires. Announcements are made with accuracy, brevity and clarity appropriate to the event.

The toastmaster liaises with the venue staff and any other suppliers involved, utilising his organisational skills, ensuring everything happens when it should. He supports and encourages all those with a part to play in the proceedings, instilling confidence and providing a calming influence. Your event runs smoothly and to time. Overall, you and your guests can relax and enjoy your event, without stress or worry.

Much of the value a professional toastmaster brings to your event is being unobtrusive and discreet, yet providing full support to the hosts during the event. This should be your event not the toastmasters! There is nothing the toastmaster does that could not be done by a combination of other parties (best man, brides father, ushers), however it really depends if you want your relatives, friends and guests working for you on the day or to actually relax, share and simply enjoy your special occasion! You choose.

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